Accounting as a

second language.

We develop print, online & interactive

accounting resources for a multisensory,

digital world.

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Dramatically improve student engagement and financial literacy.

Using our resources, students learn faster and succeed more.


We develop print, online & interactive accounting resources for Financial, Managerial, Principles, Survey, and Non-Major accounting courses at higher learning institutions.

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Give your employees the skills to improve your business. Our web-based interactive accounting resources and tutorials can be deployed to business units large and small.

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Introducing The
Accounting Map™

When first learning accounting, the concept of transactions can be relatively abstract. The Accounting Map is a patented, visual representation of the balance sheet and income statement that brings significant clarity to accounting transactions. We have integrated the map into a set of interactive online tutorials, allowing users to accelerate their understanding of accounting concepts. In-progress feedback and testing allows users to correct mistakes and build confidence before progressing to the next tutorial.

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  • "The AME approach engages students in an interactive learning experience that delivers impressive results."

    Robert S. Kaplan – Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard School of Business

20 years of developing innovative and interactive accounting resources.

We’ve been at it for 20 years, designing unique tools to help educate and engage people from all backgrounds and capabilities in financial and accounting literacy. We offer a full suite of tools, from textbooks to tutorials, all created with the philosophy of engagement through interaction.

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