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Our flipped-class system offers a fresh approach

to student engagement.

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Flip your classroom. Engage your students. Relax.

We develop truly interactive, user-friendly accounting course resources that help students learn by doing.

We Are Experts

We sharpened our tools in the corporate world, training professionals at major companies around the globe. We’ve turned this expertise into student-friendly accounting resources for academic institutions just like yours.


Our Textbooks

We Have A System

AME Engage™ is our interactive learning system designed to increase student engagement, retention, and ongoing success. To do this, we developed and patented the industry-changing Accounting Map™.


AME Engage™

We Support You

AME Assistant™ is our complete and dynamic instructor support program. Imagine your own teaching assistant, paid for by us! Reduce your workload, save time, and get back to what matters most: your students.


AME Assistant™

Simple as 1, 2, 3, repeat.

Flipped-Class, Interactive Accounting Course Resources

Our accounting course resources offer a multi-phased approach to learning accounting. At AME Learning, we believe that the most important factor for student success is pre-class learning and preparation. What good is the classroom if the students who come to it aren’t prepared?

That’s why we developed the AME Learning Cycle:

Pre-Class Interactive Online Accounting Tutorials
Academic Print & Online Accounting Resources
Online homework management for print & online academic accounting resources
AME Assistant Support

We’d like to introduce you to the tools of engagement.

These are the industry-leading tools that have successfully and consistently delivered dramatic improvement in student engagement, retention, attrition, and instructor workload.

The Accounting Map™

Perform real-world accounting transactions with The Accounting Map™

Exam Builder

Use our online tool to build your own tests. Busy? Your AME Assistant™ will build them for you.

Question Library

Full database of static and algorithmic questions tied to chapter outcomes.

Incentivized & Interactive Tutorials

Easily track & tie grades to interactive pre-class tutorials and work completion.

Course Expert & Designer

Need help building your course? Your AME Assistant™ is ready to develop what you need.

Guided Response Feedback

Our system provides students with instructional, guided feedback for incorrect answers.

Online Homework Hub

Manage, track, customize and create homework assignments, projects, cases and tests.

PowerPoint™ Library

Focus-in on key lesson objectives with our vast online PowerPoint™ library.

Student-Friendly Textbooks

Our textbooks feature student-friendly example sets for fast and effective retention.

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We help you and your students succeed.

Over the years, our interactive accounting resources have increased student engagement and comprehension, and have simultaneously reduced instructor workload.

Increase in Student Engagement

Improvement in Student Comprehension

Reduction in Instructor Workload

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  • “I’ve been involved in teaching post-secondary accounting courses for the better part of fifteen years. The AME Accounting package is by far the best and most comprehensive material that I have used.”

    Lorrie Lough, Professor, Confederation College
  • “After 3 years using AME Learning’s material for our accounting major program, our program has seen a reduction in the withdrawal rate from over 17% to under 7%, a reduction in the failure rate from 13% to 9%, and an increase in the percentage of students completing the course with above a B average from 40% to 53%.”

    Penny Parker, Business Accounting Program, Fanshawe College

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