Accounting as a Second Language

The AME Learning System™ is a unique and patented teaching approach that works.  Originally designed to teach  accounting and financial literacy to non-financial managers in the business world, the AME Learning System™ later evolved into highly- effective courseware for higher education. The system incorporates the best of cognitive science, technology and learning principles into an active learning approach that emphasizes constant decision-making, real-world examples and impact over memorization.

With the AME system, students work through a set of multi-sensory interactive online tutorials which will prepare them with the key concepts they need to know before going to class. This allows instructors to better focus on the application of these concepts in class. Instructors can flexibly set up deadlines and completion conditions for all resources (including these tutorials) to build a course that works for them..


Financial Accounting Taught Differently




  • • Upgraded Accounting Map™ Tutorials including new interface, pause control, closed-captioning and menu mapping.
  • • E-Workbook Evolution: Workbooks available as fillable PDFs.
  • All Resources Accessibility Compliant.
  • • Enhanced Workbook: New problems added providing greater variety and complexity.
  • • Improved AME Engage™ learning analytics for tracking of progress on learning objectives.


Student Courseware

Financial Accounting Principles, frames the study of accounting in a highly-practical, fully integrated and interactive learning experience.

• Perfect for both Financial Accounting and Principles of Accounting Courses

• Students have little experience with their own finances or accounting, so the AME approach starts with “personal accounting” early in the course so students can understand basic accounting logic and principles from a personal perspective before quickly moving on to applications in a business context.

• The AME approach has been proven to lead to
– a significant improvement in engagement and grades
– a significant reduction in drop-outs and failure rates

Chapter 1: Financial Statements: Personal Accounting
Chapter 2: Linking Personal Accounting to Business Accounting
Chapter 3: The Accounting Framework
Chapter 4: The Accounting Cycle: Journals and Ledgers
Chapter 5: The Accounting Cycle: Adjustments
Chapter 6: The Accounting Cycle: Statements and Closing Entries
Chapter 7: Inventory: Merchandising Transactions
Chapter 8: Inventory Valuation
Chapter 9: Accounting Information Systems
Chapter 10: Cash Controls
Chapter 11: Accounting for Receivables
Chapter 12: Noncurrent Assets
Chapter 13: Current Liabilities
Chapter 14: Partnerships
Chapter 15: Corporations: Stock and Dividends
Chapter 16: Corporations: The Financial Statements
Chapter 17: Long-Term Liabilities
Chapter 18: Investments
Chapter 19: The Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 20: Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Accounting Principles V4.0 expands on its proven foundation of supporting student engagement and success by presenting these new and revised features:

    • • Learning objectives better correspond to the depth of the material presented in each chapter, strictly following Bloom’s taxonomy.
    • • A new section at the beginning of each chapter, Making It Real to You, connects students with the content by showing them how accounting affects their everyday lives.
    • • Pause & Reflect Exercises providing students with formative assessment opportunities have been added to each chapter.
    • • The In Summary section has been revised to better link to the learning objectives.
    • • Upgrades and improvements to the Accounting MAP™ Tutorials and AME Engage™ user experience.



AME Engage™

AME Engage™ is an online, interactive component of the AME Learning System featuring the Accounting Map™, a digital and highly visual interactive balance sheet and income statement for powerful and practical transactional learning. Students will access Interactive Pre-Class Tutorials, Quizzes, and Post-Class Homework. Plus a digital textbook and workbook allow students to quickly access homework related questions and subject matter.

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AME Assistant™

Our AME Assistants act as your teaching assistant to help you create and curate your course and its materials.
We customize experience, content, and your support because we know our customers personally. We ensure our technology is portable and interoperable with your platforms and we organize our materials to match your needs and processes, giving you more free time to focus on what matters most: your students!

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