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Online, Interactive Pre-MBA Accounting Tutorials

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The Problem

Non-Financial Students are Struggling in MBA Programs

MBA classrooms are competitive proving grounds, featuring a diversity of students with varied experiences and competencies. With the average level of financial literacy for non-financial students at less than 42%, MBA programs are hindered by a clear gap in the financial literacy and acumen of their students.

The Solution

Online & Interactive Pre-MBA Accounting Tutorials

With AME Learning’s Pre-MBA Accounting Tutorials, we help MBA and Executive MBA programs close the learning gap for their incoming non-Financial students. We give instructors the tools to deliver effective financial training before a student ever sets foot in an MBA classroom.

Our Pre-MBA Acounting Tutorials

We have developed a library of completely modular interactive, online, Pre-MBA Accounting tutorials. These tutorials provide real-time transactional, instructional, and performance feedback to students as they move through each tutorial, allowing students to learn by doing. 

Financial Literacy Primer

There are many barriers to entry in the business world – one of which is the language and understanding of finance. We give you the tools and vocabulary to help bridge the gap between the classroom and the business world.

Modular, Interactive Tutorials

You can choose from up to 60 hours of interactive tutorials, ensuring that every student who enters your class has the proper foundational knowledge to start strong on day one.

Financial Statement Analysis

Our course is an accelerated program, designed to prepare students for the practical world of business and finance. At the heart of this world is the financial statement, and by the time they’re done, your students will be ready to analyze the health of any business.

Tailor your Pre-MBA Accounting Tutorials: Select from our comprehensive tutorial library, and ensure that your incoming students can excel from day one.

Choose the modules you want, and we’ll build the rest.

Core Concepts from Context

Increases & Decreases

Module 1: Introduction to Personal Accounting
Module 2: Interest Versus Debt Reduction (Personal Context)
Module 3: Impact of Debt on Net Worth (Personal Context)
Module 4: Accruals (Personal Context)
Module 5: Accounting Principles & Practices in a Business
Module 6: Setting Up and Financing a Business
Module 7: Expense and Revenue Recognition
Module 8: Building Inventory
Module 9: Revenue Recognition & Costs of Goods Sold
Module 10: Adjustments & Depreciation
Module 11: Inventory Systems and Shrinkage
Module 12: Statement of Cash Flow
Module 13: Trade Math
Module 14: Financial Analysis

Advanced Learning

Debits & Credits

Module 1: Accounting in Your Personal Life
Module 2: Linking Personal Accounting to Business Accounting
Module 3: Accounting Principles and Practices
Module 4: The Accounting Cycle: Journals and Ledgers
Module 5: The Accounting Cycle: Adjustments
Module 6: The Accounting Cycle: Worksheets and Closing Entries
Module 7: Merchandising Transactions
Module 8: Inventory Valuation
Module 9: Accounting Information System
Module 10: Cash Controls
Module 11: Payroll
Module 12: Using Accounting Information


Managerial Accounting

Module 1: An Introduction to the Principles of Managerial Accounting
Module 2: An Overview of Costing Methods
Module 3: Job-Order Costing
Module 4: Process Costing
Module 5: Activity-Based Costing
Module 6: Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Module 7: Costing and Pricing Strategies
Module 8: Segment Reporting and Transfer Pricing
Module 9: Master Budget
Module 10: Variance Analysis and Standard Costing
Module 11: Relevant Cost and Decision Making
Module 12: Capital Budgeting
Module 13: Balanced Scorecard
Module 14: Just-In-Time and Quality Management
Module 15: The Cash Flow Statement
Module 16: Financial Statement Analysis

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  • "After students took AME Learning's pre-MBA primer, my MBA class was fantastic. The students seemed to have a good grasp on the accounting cycle, and the questions they asked were well beyond a brand new student to accounting."

    Angela Downey, Professor, University of Victoria

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