Support FAQ

What is a unique PIN?

A unique PIN is a one-time-use code that is either found in your textbook or purchased online from our store at You will use the unique PIN along with your enrollment key to register yourself in a course. This can be done during account creation or using an existing account.

What is an enrollment key?

Your instructor will provide you with your enrollment key. This key tells the system which course you are joining. Unlike your unique PIN, which is unique to each student, the same enrollment key is used by an entire class.

I cannot access my account. How do I reset my password?

Visit and click on the forgot password? link in the top right corner. You will need to provide either your username or email address. An email will be sent to the address listed on your account containing information including a link to reset your password.

How do I update my account information?

To update your profile with us you must first login to the AME Engage system and then click on your full name located in the top right corner. Click on the Edit profile tab to change information regarding your account such as your email address and time zone.

I recently purchased a unique PIN online but have not received it yet. How do I obtain my unique PIN?

It can take up to a day to receive your unique PIN via email after sending payment. If you still have not received your PIN after this amount of time please be sure to check the spam or junk mail folders of your email account.

The title of the email containing your unique PIN and instructions on how to use it is AME e-Learning Course access details.

I accidentally used the wrong enrollment key when registering on your website. How can I get myself in the right class?

Since unique PINs are one-time-use only, you will need to contact our technical support desk for assistance with manually transferring you into the correct course. Confirm with your instructor after enrolling that you have entered in the right course.

I submitted my assignment by accident. How do I remove the attempt?

If for any reason you require additional attempts or an extension you will need to reach out to your instructor. If they are unclear as to how to do this for you they may contact us for assistance.

I am unable to complete the interactive part of a tutorial in order to move on to the next slide. What am I doing wrong?

During the first attempt of a tutorial each slide will be locked until either the narration has completed or the activity has been participated in fully. This may involve dragging tokens to their appropriate spaces, answering multiple choice questions or filling in a balance sheet. If you are having trouble completing an activity please make sure you have first taken a look at the Introduction tutorial located at the top of your topic outline. This tutorial is where everyone should start in order to get an understanding of how each subsequent one will work. It is important complete these modules in sequential order.